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          Mount Desert Island & Acadia National Park          

The breathtaking wonder and natural beauty that is embodied by Acadia National Park can be captured neither by words, nor an abundance of still photographs - it truly is something you have to see to believe. While the year-round residents of the communities of Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor, Bar Harbor, Tremont, and all those in between are well accustomed to the wondrous natural setting, the great fortune of living adjacent to such a gem is not lost.

For millions of eager visitors every year, Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park provide a naturist's retreat. Whether you long for solitude in a hike up Cadillac Mountain, a relaxing day at the beach, or simply to stare in awe at the endless colors and shapes of a Maine autumn, there is something to entice anyone who sometimes longs for a simpler, more peaceful way of life. Bar Harbor is a bustling seat of tourism in the summer and fall months and plays host to hordes traveling by car, bus, plane, and even cruise ship, each seeking a taste of what the region has to offer. But the allure of Acadia and the surrounding region is not one whose importance and joy fades, once the experience has come and gone - the call of the setting brings people back time and again, year after year.

The park, unlike so many others, is not a concentrated section of terrain that can easily be pinpointed on a map. On the contrary, the park is scattered across two islands, Mount Desert and Isle au Haut, encompassing numerous individual points of interest, and ensuring that it certainly cannot all be fully experienced in just one day, or hardly a week. But the bounds of Acadia National Park do not stop there. Schoodic Point, accessed by way of Winter Harbor is on the mainland, facing back towards MDI and provides an invigorating collision of ageless rock, churning sea, and living forest, a true and often missed treat in the traveler's visit to the park.
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