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         Seniors Circular         

Its About Our Senior Citizens
The senior citizen population is the fastest growing population in the country. Surveys show that persons over age 65 are victims of crime far less frequently than younger people. But many senior citizens are so afraid of crime that they shut themselves up in their homes and rarely go out. Isolating ourselves behind locked doors only makes it easier for criminals to work in the neighborhood. You can reduce opportunities for criminals to strike by being alert and careful, and by following these tips.

When you are out...
• 1 Don't carry a purse if you can avoid it. If you must, hold it close to your body-don't let it dangle.
• 2 Never carry a wallet in your back pocket. Put it in an inside jacket pocket or front pocket instead.
• 3 Don't overburden yourself with packages and groceries that obstruct your view and make it difficult to
• 4 Always have your car or house key in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.

When you are at home...
• 1 Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you're in the house. Use deadbolt locks on exterior
• 2 If you live alone, don't advertise it. Use only your first initial in phone books, directories, and
     apartment lobbies.
• 3 Get to know your neighbors and keep their phone numbers in case of emergency.
• 4 Work out a "buddy" system with a friend to check on each other daily.
• 5 If you arrive home and suspect a stranger is inside, do not go inside. Leave quietly and call the
     police-your safety should always come first.

Protect Your Money
• 1 If you receive checks in the mail regularly, arrange instead for them to be deposited directly in your
     bank account. The Social Security Administration and most pension funds offer this service.
• 2 Avoid carrying large sums of money. If you must, have a friend accompany you.
• 3 Don't sign a check or contract until you are sure you know the details and it is for a legitimate
     reason. Don't be afraid to delay a signing or to say 'no!'
• 4 Don't keep large sums of money in your home.
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