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         Emergencies & 911 Circular         

What is 911?
911 is the number to dial for the fastest possible emergency response when you need emergency POLICE, FIRE or MEDICAL ASSISTANCE in a life or death situation.
911 is a "team" of professional men and women--who are on call 24-hours a day. They are trained to assist in getting emergency help to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

When to dial 911?
911 is the number to dial when an emergency is occurring either immediately or within the last 10 minutes.
How 911 Works
You're looking out of your window and notice a person breaking into your neighbor's home...

1.) You should immediately go to the phone and dial 911.

2.) An "E911 Agent" will answer your call by identifying him or herself and will then ask you to give the phone number from where you are calling. Their computer will quickly verify your correct address for the police officer who is responding to your emergency call.

3.) Even while you are talking, an officer is already on the way. Try to remain calm and answer all of the Agent's questions--we understand you may be excited.


• For officer safety, it is very important that the Agent on the phone gets all the necessary information about the emergency and the suspects.

5.) Give information most needed:
• Phone number from where you are calling
• What happened
• Where it happened (address)
• When it happened
• Is anyone injured?
• Suspect description
• Vehicle description
• License number
• Direction of travel of suspect
• Did you see any weapons?
• How many suspects?

911 Emergency Examples
1.) Someone breaking into your home now or one of your neighbors' homes.
2.) Shootings
3.) Fires
4.) Traffic injury accidents
5.) Person screaming
6.) Child choking
7.) Fights or displays of weapons

911 IS NOT for directory assistance or for emergency telephone repair.

Non-Emergency Examples
A Non-Emergency call is simply a request for police service that is not a life or death situation.

1.) Abandoned vehicle
2.) Loud party
3.) Barking dog
4.) Vandalism
5.) Late reported calls

The NON-EMERGENCY Line: M-F DAYS 963-5589 AFTER HOURS 667-8866
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