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         Children & Guns Circular         

Its About Children and Guns
Federal officials estimate there are guns in one half of the households in the United States. Because of this alarming statistic, your child could easily come into contact with a gun at a neighbor's house, when playing with friends or even at home. A gun is a tool, not a toy, and should be handled only by an adult. Guns are left thoughtlessly and carelessly within the grasp or sight of children by parents and adults...and even more amazing...LOADED! Because more than 50% of our households have in their possession some type of firearm, we must educate our children to avoid tragic consequences and made aware that GUNS DO KILL!

Tips for Children
If you see a gun, here are three things to do:

It may not be real, but it might be, and it might be loaded.

Get away from the gun as fast as possible. If it's real you don't want to be around if someone else picks it up or starts to play with it.

As fast as you can, tell your parents or some other adult you know. Your parents will know what to do.

You have two important jobs - educate your children about the dangers of guns, and learn how to keep your own guns stored safely and out of the reach of children.

• Teach your children that guns can and DO KILL!
• Teach your children the three things to do when they see a gun.
• Inquire about guns at your children's friend's house.
• Don't be shy about asking the parents of these friends if there are guns in the house and how they are stored.
• It's your child who could become an innocent victim of someone else's carelessness.

Keep Your Children ALIVE...

• Treat every firearm with respect... always as if it was loaded
• Unload weapons when they are not in use
• Keep all weapons locked securely in cabinets
• Keep bullets locked away separately from the guns themselves
• Never point a gun at anyone, never horseplay with weapons
• Equip your guns with trigger locks

• Educate your children... Educate Yourself... Keep your kids alive.
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