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         Code Enforcement Officer          

Code Enforcement Officer:
    Jim Mclean

The CEO's schedule is the same as the Town Office hours. Please call for an appointment ahead of time.

The Code Enforcement Officer handles all aspects of building permits, set back regulations and building inspections.


When is a building permit required?
- A building permit is required for construction or alteration of any building or structure
- Installing a swimming pool of any kind
- Demolition of a structure (asbestos hazard determination may be required)
- Change in use or occupancy of any structure -
- Buildings and structures moved into or within the Town of Gouldsboro - regardless of size
- Fill, grade, dredge, or harvest timber in any Shoreland or Resource Protection Area
- Piers, docks, and wharves
- Driveway opening permit from DOT on State roadway

The Code Enforcement Officer shall not act upon any application for building permit until all other permits which may be required by the Zoning Ordinance, and other local ordinances, or under State or Federal law regulations have been received.

Each application for a building permit shall include:
- A plot plan drawn to scale, showing and stating the dimensions in feet of the lot, the location and
  ground coverage of all buildings proposed to be erected, moved, or demolished on such lot, and each
  street, alley, or right-of-way on or adjacent to the lot, showing wetlands and waterbodies;
- A statement of the use intended to be made of any buildings and the lot itself, even in the event of
  demolition; and
-Wastewater disposal system documentation (i.e., septic design or sewer district connection approval).

Set Backs for Structures
75' from high water mark in tidal zones with no Aquatic Bird Restrictions
100' from high water mark in fresh water areas
250' for Resource Protection and for Bird Conservation Areas(you can build within this area but you need a Resource Protection Permit).

15' from side and rear property lines
35' from the center line of a town road

The Code Enforcement Officer will approve or deny the application for building permit within thirty (30) days from the date of filing a complete application.

Building permit applications can be picked up at the Town Office or downloaded (in PDF format) from the link below.

Click here for Site Plan Review Application

Click here for Building Permit Application

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