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Copy & Fax Fees

          Office Services          

The Town Office Go there is the hub of Gouldsboro's town government. We will be happy to give you information or direct you to the right person to obtain answers.

General Services
We issue marriage licenses, register voters, register dogs, renew registrations for motor vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats. Our town also processes new registrations for all of the above. We also issue hunting, fishing, and shellfish licenses to both residents and non-residents. We can also copy and fax documents for a small fee.

Town Rentals: Recreational Center and Community Center
The Rec Center is located at 679 Pond Road and the Community Center (Prospect Harbor Women's Club/Community House) that is pictured above is located beside the Town Office at 61 Main Street. These two centers can be rented for a nominal fee of $100 with proof of liability insurance to cover your event.

Click Here to View/Download our Rental Contract.

Click Here to View/Download our Insurance form for Rentals.

Town Office Hours: Click Here Go there
List of Copy & Fax Fees: Click Here Go there

Trash Pick-up

The town has curbside pick-up of trash every Thursday. Trash must be put out by 7 AM with a trash tag sticker at the top, bag weight not to exceed 40 pounds. Trash not in bags will NOT be picked up. Bags with partial trash tag stickers, cash, or IOU's will NOT be picked up.

The town has a transfer station for bulky waste and construction debris which is open to residents and property owners ONLY. An annual transfer station permit can be purchased beginning mid-March at the Town Office for $15.00.

Contractors and commercial users will be charged $60.00 per load (pickup or small trailer) for construction debris, and $20.00 per load for clean wood and scrap metals. A contractor load receipt must be obtained at the Town Office prior to drop-off at the transfer station.

A $20.00 refrigerant fee will be charged for anything containing freon and a $10.00 fee will be charged for each propane tank brought to the transfer station. Tires without rims are $5.00 and with rim $10.00. Truck tires without rims are $20.00 and with rim $40.00.

Transfer Station Location:
53 Walters Road

Transfer Station Hours:
Friday: 12 PM - 4 PM
Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Transfer Station Info: Click Here Go there
General Recycling Info: Click Here Go there

New & Renewal Motor Vehicle Registration
Please have the following documentation available when registering or re-registering your motor vehicle:

Current effective insurance card, old registration, mileage.

You can also re-register your vehicle on line. Go To:

Blue title application form; Bill of sale showing you paid sales tax; current effective insurance card showing the new vehicle; mileage. If you purchased more than one item resulting in one bill of sale, please be prepared to show the amounts paid for each.

Bill of Sale that includes date, price, VIN, description of vehicle, and signatures of both the Buyer and Seller. A Title is needed if the vehicle is newer than 1995 and you will also need proof of insurance and the current mileage.

Vehicle registration from previous state, current effective insurance card, title if it is a 1995 or newer, mileage, lien holder information.

Self-addressed stamped-envelope, copy of your current effective insurance card; mileage, payment in the amount of the registration, the address where the registration is to be sent, and the answers to the following two questions:
    1 - Is your registration or privilege to register now under suspension?
    2 - Are you required to file an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance?

Hunting & Fishing Licenses
You may acquire a hunting or fishing license in person at the Town Office or online. To do this online, please visit Go there.

Dog Registration
You may register your dog in person at the Town Office or online. You need your dog's latest rabies certificate and spay or neuter certification, if applicable. The cost is $11.00 or $6.00 for spayed or neutered dogs. To register online, have your credit or debit card ready and go to Go there. You will receive your registration tag by mail if you register online. If you have problems with a dog, please contact the Police Department at 207-963-5589.

Land Development
Permits are required for any subdivision of land or construction of any building. Driveway permits are required and may be requested of the Code Enforcement Officer at the Town Office.

$10 per Fixture
$10 for Hook-up
$265 Septic Design
$125 with Variance
$150 Leach Field
$100 Tank Replacement Only

Treasurer & Tax Collection
Our property tax year is April 1st-March 31st. Our fiscal year is July 1st-June 30th. Tax bills are mailed in August, include two coupons, and are due: October 31st (1st coupon) and March 31st (2nd coupon). Interest begins the day after due dates, November 1st and April 1st, respectively. If you escrow your taxes, you must provide your mortgage holder with the tax bill or a copy.

The Town Meeting is held the second Tuesday and Wednesday in June. Voting is done on Tuesday and the Annual Town Meeting takes place on Wednesday evening. Please stop by the office to pick up a copy of the Town Report Go there.
The Planning Board Go there meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
The Board of Appeals meets as needed.
The Board of Selectmen Go there meet every other Thursday at 6pm at the Town Office.
Most of the Town's board and committee meetings are held at the Town Office in the conference room. The public is always welcome and most meetings start promptly at 6:00 PM unless otherwise announced. If special accommodations are needed, please call the Town Office ahead of time. The agendas and minutes for all meetings are posted at the Town Office.

General Assistance
Click here to download a General Assistance Application.

Passports will NO longer be done at the town office. FOR U.S. PASSPORT INFORMATION, VISIT

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